Tyberis Music Database - Acoustical Song Recognition

TyMusicDB is a stand-alone freeware program which is able to recognize thousands of different musical pieces or other audio data in real-time. The main purpose of this program is to monitor a radio station, tv channel or other (streaming) audio source for specific songs, commercials or jingles. A log file is created with a detailed description of which songs were played when, and how long.

It should be noted that this is not a client software for an online service. The software will only identify songs that you have added to the database.

TyMusicDB is capable of identifying a song based on only a very small fragment of it - there is no need for the entire song to be played. It will recognize a song at any point. Instead of storing the entire audio data of a song, only a small file containing its digital fingerprint is stored and used for recognition. Songs can be imported from mp3 or wav files, or can be directly recorded from the audio source.

The recognition algorithm is designed to identify songs based on their acoustical properties and is thus very robust against noise and other distortion. If the input signal is sufficiently strong and has little distortion (e.g. FM tuner) a sample of only 1 second in length will suffice for a correct identification.

The program will run comfortably as a background process since it has a very low CPU usage.

This program is free for private use. If you plan to use this software for commercial use, please contact the author at about the professional version supporting multiple channels, scripting and database logging, as well as SDKs.

Download program
TyMusicDB 3.2.2 Free - Setup for Windows 7, 8 and 10 [New!]

Demo Songs
Sandro Blum - Tutankhamun.mp3
Sandro Blum - The Battle of Mireador.mp3

Thanks to Sandro Blum for the sample songs!

The program does not come with any music or fingerprints included! You must create all fingerprints from your own music collection. If you want to test TyMusicDB and don't have any music on your PC, you can download the free sample music songs above. To generate the fingerprints, drag&drop the mp3 file onto the program or use the file-menu.

Any windows compatible recording device such as microphone, line in, TV or FM tuner can be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can TyMusicDB be used for?
Most TyMusicDB users use it to monitor a radio or tv channel in order to find out when and how often specific songs or commercials are broadcasted
(keywords: FM monitoring, radio monitoring, multi channel, commercial detection)

How do I add songs to the database?
That will depend on what format an original recording is given. If you have an audio-file such as mp3 or wav, it can be directly added to the database (see file-menu or drag&drop the audio file). Mp3 files need to be 44Khz/16bit. Wave files can be 11KHz/22KHz/44KHz 16 bit. You can also directly add songs by recording them with a microphone.

Nothing is happening. What's wrong? / I don't know what to do.
To use this program, you need to
  1. Extract or record fingerprints from audio data.
  2. Load those fingerprints (see file-menu). The titles that appear on the Songlist are songs that are loaded in memory. Only those songs will be recognized.
  3. Choose audio-in device (Options/Select sound device) and set parameters.
  4. Activate channel.
  5. Play music that is to be recognized.
The signal-bar will show you if there is any audio data coming from the currently selected audio device.

What kind of music will be recognized?
Any type of music or spoken text will work. Note that TyMusicDB will ony recognize songs if the sample and the music in the database were derived from the same source. This means that remixes or cover versions will not be recognized as the same song. Also, for example, if you have two recordings of two different performances of a piano concert, they may have similar fingerprints (and may even be recognized as the same piece of music) but in general will be different.
The sample music should differ from the music stored in the database only in quality and the amount of background noise.

What exactly does the integrity bar show?
It shows how well the fingerprint of the sample matches the fingerprint of the original music in the database.

Does the program run slower if I add many songs to the database?
This will not significantly slow down the search. It does take up more RAM though which might affect your computer's performance.

How many songs can be added to the database?
That depends on how much RAM (Memory) your computer has. A computer with 2 GB of RAM can have up to 10.000 songs loaded in memory. The free version is restricted to 500 songs.

How do I copy fingerprints?
The fingerprints are stored as separate files in your My Fingerprints folder which is located in your My Documents.

Further Information

If you have any questions, feedback or requests, feel free to email me. Note that this program is freeware, so support is not guaranteed.

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